Celebrating life.

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot about post-grad life. It may be because I am a recent graduate, but it seems like it’s everywhere. Is that the new trendy topic? Hmm… Anyways, one of the most stressed topics is staying in touch with friends and to continue play.

Since I was mainly on a strict mission to find full-time employment this summer, I felt as if I was ignoring some of these objectives. With the sobering fact that summer does and will come to an end, I set off to meet up with close friends and try a few new things to rev up my life.

Last week, I met up with three friends, two of which we celebrated birthdays for. We chatted over brunch at The Knick in Milwaukee and did a bit of shopping. I thought it was cute how we all immediately went to the home section of Anthropologie, forgoing the clothing for plates and butter dishes, oh my! Is it not amazing the energy you can stimulate off of a great day with your girlfriends? The catching up, laughs, and advice is unmatchable. How do you stay connected with friends, whether they live five blocks away or five states over?

I left feeling intoxicated off the love and fun we shared in those short few hours.

Next, I decided to cross a few things off my bucket list. Two of which in one day. First, my friends and I decided to jump off the lighthouse pier. It was such a scorcher of a day, Lake Michigan was not only bearable, it was refreshing.

Yes, that is my friend holding my hand. That was my one condition. 😉

Later that day, or should I say next morning, I found myself enjoying the sunrise. 22 years of living on Lake Michigan and not once have i watched the sun rise over the lake. That’s embarrassing! Gosh, it was gorgeous. Highly recommended!

Tell me: how do you add a little spice into your everyday routine? Do you sometimes feel bogged down by the day-to-day grind? What are your tips for mixing things up?


Nest of wings

Is my obsession with buffalo wings most likely very un-ladylike? Borderline masculine? Possibly. But that doesn’t stop me from searching the nation for the best wing.

Lately, my endeavor took me to Lincoln Park’s wing mecca, Bird’s Nest. I’ve heard from a few of my friends that this bar serves the best wings in the city, and maybe the country.

Well, I’d have to say that they weren’t the best in the nation. A few years ago I made the pilgrimage to The Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY, the bar where the buffalo wing originated. This is where it’s at.

But, back to Bird’s Nest…

They were certainly delicious. I chose to get the original Bird’s Nest Hot Sauce, my friend ordered the Hot BBQ. The spice was definitely apparent, but the other sweet and tangy notes kept me munching far after I was full.

We also ordered the onion rings. Being that they were beer-battered, we were pretty excited about their arrival. Sadly, they disappointed; there was hardly any onion and far too flaky.

Besides the wings, this bar seemed like a fun place to hang out. Tucked away on Southport, it is in a cute neighborhood that was nice to walk through post my wing binge. My friend and I were shamelessly people-watching the entire time as we saw numerous groups “Sunday-Funday”-ing it. Has anyone ever watched a drunk person consume french fries? The way she was bending her wrists to get enough fries in her mouth. Alarming.

Overall, I’d definitely come back for these buffalo wings. Just next time, I’m ordering fries for my side. Everyone else seemed to really have enjoyed them. 😉