Dear Summer,

Dear Summer, thank you for showing up a bit early. It’s been a long, cold winter! I’m sure you will tease us for a few weeks before you are here for good, but it was a nice surprise to have you show yourself on Memorial Day weekend!

toes summer

GriffinI spent some of my Memorial Day weekend at my sister’s pool soaking up the sun (maybe a bit too much) and generally not having a care in the world. It was so precious to watch my cousin’s kids learn how to swim and become more comfortable with the water. They came a long way even in the four hours we were swimming. What tenacious little dudes! The youngest is still a bit wary of the water and spent most of the the time chasing a toy around the perimeter of the pool. Yet, fun was had by all!

griffin 2

griffin 3

zanderHow did you spend your extra day off?



Snow Day

Today I had a honest-to-goodness Adult Snow Day. It was splendid. A very sneaky blizzard found its way up the coast of Lake Michigan and literally dumped 16 inches on us overnight.


Snow Days are what dreams are made of. (Anyone remember that movie “Snow Day” from the 90’s?) For me, I didn’t do much. I slept in, made some blueberry muffins, and assessed the damage outside. It’s amazing how fast the day went and I really wish I could have gotten a lot more done — but it was nice to take it easy and take a college-style nap, ya know, at 4 p.m.

Granted the weather kind of halts people from actually getting to fully enjoy their Snow Day, but if I had another day to do it over, this is how it would play out.


Obviously, I would spend the morning sleeping in. What a luxury it is to not set an alarm! A bagel and some coffee would serve as my late morning meal as I watched the snow fall. Another luxury — a bath — would be in order, followed by meticulously choosing a perfect Snow Day outfit. (Think chunky cable, boots, etc…) A lunch date would be a must, preferably at a tiny low-key place that served delicious soup and crusty bread. The rest of the day would be spent reading or with my good friend Netflix.

What does your perfect Snow Day include?

Celebrating life.

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot about post-grad life. It may be because I am a recent graduate, but it seems like it’s everywhere. Is that the new trendy topic? Hmm… Anyways, one of the most stressed topics is staying in touch with friends and to continue play.

Since I was mainly on a strict mission to find full-time employment this summer, I felt as if I was ignoring some of these objectives. With the sobering fact that summer does and will come to an end, I set off to meet up with close friends and try a few new things to rev up my life.

Last week, I met up with three friends, two of which we celebrated birthdays for. We chatted over brunch at The Knick in Milwaukee and did a bit of shopping. I thought it was cute how we all immediately went to the home section of Anthropologie, forgoing the clothing for plates and butter dishes, oh my! Is it not amazing the energy you can stimulate off of a great day with your girlfriends? The catching up, laughs, and advice is unmatchable. How do you stay connected with friends, whether they live five blocks away or five states over?

I left feeling intoxicated off the love and fun we shared in those short few hours.

Next, I decided to cross a few things off my bucket list. Two of which in one day. First, my friends and I decided to jump off the lighthouse pier. It was such a scorcher of a day, Lake Michigan was not only bearable, it was refreshing.

Yes, that is my friend holding my hand. That was my one condition. 😉

Later that day, or should I say next morning, I found myself enjoying the sunrise. 22 years of living on Lake Michigan and not once have i watched the sun rise over the lake. That’s embarrassing! Gosh, it was gorgeous. Highly recommended!

Tell me: how do you add a little spice into your everyday routine? Do you sometimes feel bogged down by the day-to-day grind? What are your tips for mixing things up?