An approaching date

Keep Calm Carry On

But, seriously. I know this poster is overused but I’m turning to it as of late for a bit of solace. Why? Oh, because I am doing this little thing called GRADUATING COLLEGE in 15 days. A mere 15 days and I will have my diploma. Who decided I needed to grow up?

So, with two weeks to go, I still have no job in the works. Let’s not even get into how that makes me feel… ha. I am trying this new idea. Embracing Uncertainty. It gets uppercase letters and everything because it’s that important. I ran into the Greek Life Coordinator on campus today and she told me to take this uncertainty and enjoy it because I will never have another time like this, with no responsibilities and obligations, for the rest of my life. Ah! It’s much easier said than done, but I am going to try.

Before I leave Chicago in two weeks there are a few things I’d like to do. There’s no surprise that most of them include food. (Or all of them include food, I’m not telling.) I also decided to do a bunch of other OCD-ish things with this time like clean my makeup brushes and securely fasten buttons that are on their last leg. Woooo! Sounds pretty crazy, right? I am totally living it up with no responsibilities! I’ll probably suffer from a cleaning solution hangover with all the chores I’m going to be doing!

I stumbled upon the above photo the other day and could not help but laugh and think a little deeper. It was taken my freshman year of college when I was attempting to grow a plant in my room. First, I thought it was telling how I had this plant sitting on top of my philosophy book. Immanuel Kant and I did not really get along.

The peanut butter also makes me giggle; my friend and I would gorge ourselves on apples and peanut butter for weeks thinking we were being the healthiest chicks until one of us saw the calories. (!!!!) How tiny my little dorm room was! Peanut butter, makeup, lotion, knives and forks are lived happily together on my dresser.

But second, and much more deeper, I see this little plant and how happy I was that it had three little stalks. I could relate this to my life as of late. I need to slow down and take a breath. My future can be figured out slowly and I will allow myself to celebrate all the “little” accomplishments I achieve along the way.

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An ode to Twitter.

If I hear another person tell me they will never have a Twitter I may scream, or maybe just tweet about it. I get the common response that Twitter is stupid and pointless yet truthfully, Twitter is amazing and actually has multiple uses.

Don’t believe me? Here are my thoughts…


Have a voice.

Who wants to listen to you? Um… actually a lot of people. You will be surprised at the amount of people that will want to follow you on Twitter. Above anything, you will finally have the ability to voice your opinion on deep-dish pizza and link to photos of your dog. (Not that I do that…)


Brand yourself.

Okay, so I am a Communications Studies major so my professors tell me to “brand myself” about every time we meet for class. But many people outside of the Communication field do not realize that branding is important no matter what career or industry you are interested in. Twitter allows you to define yourself, what you do, what you like, and what you can offer others.


Connect with important people.

I am not advising you to send in-depth, personal tweets to Kim Kardashian until she replies, but you can do some serious networking. Follow companies you would love to work for and regular people you look up to: they will most likely follow you back. When the time is right, strike up a conversation.


Shop smarter.

So, I’m a girl and like to shop, shoot me. But for real, do your wallet a favor and follow every single store you like to buy things from. You will immediately be saving money. In fall, I got Gap jeans 40% off just because I mentioned a Gap tweet. How amazing. I feel like I cannot pay full-price for anything anymore.


Explore your interests.

Like most people, my eclectic interests make it hard for me to keep up with them all. I can get my necessary daily gossip from E! Online, receive some advertising news from AdvertisingBuzz, get the actual news from The Huffington Post, and of course receive daily affirmations from The Daily Love all wrapped in a cute little package called Twitter. Not only am I keeping up with my varying interests, I am finding new ones, as well.


Keep up with friends’ daily lives.

Of course, you can be kept in know about how everyone is feeling about the weather, who is angry about being at work, and of course, what all your friends think about The Bachelor. How fun!


If I haven’t convinced you yet, head over and learn more about Twitter on their website.