Brewers in Chicago

So is everyone in agreement that Chicago sports all suck? Okay, greeeeeat.

As senior year draws to a close, my lovely university has planned a few events to sendoff their seniors properly. It began last week with a Cubs game (booooo!) Luckily, they were playing my home team, the Milwaukee Brewers. It happened to be terribly FREEZING for the game. Hooray!

Ummm, and call me naive but I absolutely did not know that they charge $7.50 for a measly, tiny, little beer at sporting events. Horrible.

During the game I did what I do best, especially at sporting events, EAT. Nacho me, extra jalapenos, please. I left before the game ended due to my sheer panic that I would not get at least seven hours of sleep before going to my internship the next morning. I am a nut case.

It’s pretty weird (and SCAAAARY) that I will be graduating college in a short three weeks. But, it is nice to have these events to commemorate the time ┬ámy classmates and I have spent at this institution. Next up, a tour and tasting at Goose Island Brewery…