Dear Typography,

I have always been slightly obsessed with fonts. It all began in typing class in first grade. The default font on the word processor was too bland for me and I pleaded with my teacher to let me change it to something with more flair. The love affair continued into my preteen time of instant messaging. My friends might have thought I was on crack with the amount of times I changed my font, not to mention the italics and bold settings, as well.

Present day, I am still very enamored with typography. During my internship this summer, I learned very quickly that a brand’s font family is as sacred as their business plan. The fonts are now burned into my brain and will live there happily with all the other fonts I have memorized in the past.

Here is something I stumbled upon the other day and enjoy very much.


Social Media Pep Rally

Do you think Social Media is just a trend, likely to go away in a few years? Think again… to further my point, watch this amazing video based on the book, Socialnomics by Erik Qualman.



An ode to Twitter.

If I hear another person tell me they will never have a Twitter I may scream, or maybe just tweet about it. I get the common response that Twitter is stupid and pointless yet truthfully, Twitter is amazing and actually has multiple uses.

Don’t believe me? Here are my thoughts…


Have a voice.

Who wants to listen to you? Um… actually a lot of people. You will be surprised at the amount of people that will want to follow you on Twitter. Above anything, you will finally have the ability to voice your opinion on deep-dish pizza and link to photos of your dog. (Not that I do that…)


Brand yourself.

Okay, so I am a Communications Studies major so my professors tell me to “brand myself” about every time we meet for class. But many people outside of the Communication field do not realize that branding is important no matter what career or industry you are interested in. Twitter allows you to define yourself, what you do, what you like, and what you can offer others.


Connect with important people.

I am not advising you to send in-depth, personal tweets to Kim Kardashian until she replies, but you can do some serious networking. Follow companies you would love to work for and regular people you look up to: they will most likely follow you back. When the time is right, strike up a conversation.


Shop smarter.

So, I’m a girl and like to shop, shoot me. But for real, do your wallet a favor and follow every single store you like to buy things from. You will immediately be saving money. In fall, I got Gap jeans 40% off just because I mentioned a Gap tweet. How amazing. I feel like I cannot pay full-price for anything anymore.


Explore your interests.

Like most people, my eclectic interests make it hard for me to keep up with them all. I can get my necessary daily gossip from E! Online, receive some advertising news from AdvertisingBuzz, get the actual news from The Huffington Post, and of course receive daily affirmations from The Daily Love all wrapped in a cute little package called Twitter. Not only am I keeping up with my varying interests, I am finding new ones, as well.


Keep up with friends’ daily lives.

Of course, you can be kept in know about how everyone is feeling about the weather, who is angry about being at work, and of course, what all your friends think about The Bachelor. How fun!


If I haven’t convinced you yet, head over and learn more about Twitter on their website.