Snow Day

Today I had a honest-to-goodness Adult Snow Day. It was splendid. A very sneaky blizzard found its way up the coast of Lake Michigan and literally dumped 16 inches on us overnight.


Snow Days are what dreams are made of. (Anyone remember that movie “Snow Day” from the 90’s?) For me, I didn’t do much. I slept in, made some blueberry muffins, and assessed the damage outside. It’s amazing how fast the day went and I really wish I could have gotten a lot more done — but it was nice to take it easy and take a college-style nap, ya know, at 4 p.m.

Granted the weather kind of halts people from actually getting to fully enjoy their Snow Day, but if I had another day to do it over, this is how it would play out.


Obviously, I would spend the morning sleeping in. What a luxury it is to not set an alarm! A bagel and some coffee would serve as my late morning meal as I watched the snow fall. Another luxury — a bath — would be in order, followed by meticulously choosing a perfect Snow Day outfit. (Think chunky cable, boots, etc…) A lunch date would be a must, preferably at a tiny low-key place that served delicious soup and crusty bread. The rest of the day would be spent reading or with my good friend Netflix.

What does your perfect Snow Day include?


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